Figures for "Fractal board games"

Cameron Browne
April 2005


Figure 1. Games of Hex, Y and Quax, each won by White.


Figure 2. A game of Quadrant Hex won by Black (3 to 1).


Figure 3. A game of Quadrant Y won by Black (3 to 2).


Figure 4. A game of Quadrant Quax won by White (3 to 2).


Figure 5. The 21 component games of level 3 Quadrant Hex. Next move to win (either color).


Figure 6. A Gosper Island board for playing level 3 septant games.


Figure 7. Low and high resolution games of Py in progress.


Figure 8. A triangular board subdivided in the Sierpinski fashion.


Figure 9. A game of Fractal Py in progress with close-ups of subgames at levels 6 and 11.