Figures for "Cantor knots"

Cameron Browne
Dec 2004


Figure 1. A knot in the Celtic style and its double-interlaced counterpart.


Figure 2. The Cantor set and a Cantor braid.


Figure 3. A loop with a 1/3 incision stretched around to cut it into two loops.


Figure 4. More complex incision patterns.


Figure 5. A trivial knot, a Cantor knot with a single woven level 1 incision, and a Cantor knot with multiply woven level 2 incisions.


Figure 6. Split weave rule: a bad weave (left) and an acceptable weave (right).


Figure 7. Higher levels of recursion do not necessarily provide a more interesting weave.


Figure 8. An embellished knot woven at levels 0, 1 and 2, with source knot (inset).


Figure 9. An embellished knot woven at level 3, with source knot (inset).