Potential Y


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Py can be played at a number of resolutions.


Py is short for "Potential Y". It is similar to the famous connection game Y, except that charged particles are placed on a potential field rather than discrete pieces on a discrete grid.

The Red player places +ve charges and the Blue player places -ve charges. The first player to establish their charge between all three sides of the board above a certain threshold value wins.

There is a penalty for playing in areas of the board of the opposite sign (i.e. Red will be penalised for playing in -ve board areas and vice versa). This is to stop the opponent immediately repeating the player's last move to cancel it out. In addtion, the board is subject to global decay; charges slowly dissipate over time.


Below is a screen shot of a computer Py player free for download.

Unfortunately it only plays a random game at this point. (Windows executable) 30kb.

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