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New book on connection games:


Browne, C. Connection Games: Variations on a Theme, AK Peters, Massachusetts, 2005 (402 pages).

This is the first comprehensive survey of the connection game genre, studying over 200 key games and variants while exploring common themes, strategies and underlying mechanisms. Rules and examples are provided for most games. Here is the blurb from AK Peters.

Connection Games: Variations on a Theme now constitutes MathWorld's official definition of the genre!

Table of Contents

Part I - Defining Connection
1  What Is a Connection Game?
2  The Nature of Connection
3  Games as Graphs
4  Properties of Connection Games
5  Common Plays
6  Classification

Part II - The Games
  7  Pure Connection Games
  8  Connective Goal
  9  Connective Play
10  Connection-Related Games

Part III - Conclusion
11  Rolling Your Own
12  The Psychology of Connection
13  Afterword

Part IV - Appendices
A – Basic Graph Theory
B – Solving the Shannon Game
C – Hex, Ties and Trivalency
D – Strategy Stealing
E – Point-Pairing Strategies
F – Y Reduction
G – Sperner’s Lemma
H – Tessellations

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