Automatic Font Decoration

These decorated font samples were generated by software I developed for CISRA's Glorious Font project. Each sample started life as a True Type font outline which was then manipulated by various algorithms and stored in the more powerful Glorious Font format. The final results were rendered using CISRA's proprietary OpenPage graphics scripting language.

The most important lesson from this project was that decorative effects become worthless if the legibility of the underlying font is lost; many ideas that looked great in isolation turned into colourful smudges on the printed page.

Some of the following effects are quite subtle and pleasing. Some of them are... well... let's just say eye catching. Needless to say, this project was a lot of fun!

Celtic knot fonts.
Celtic knot fonts.
Celtic knot fonts.


The following fonts never really caught on. Don't know why.



A number of effects were later animated.

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